Popular Dead People…

May 25, 2010

Ryan Brown Dalton If you could hang out and chill with 5 people who are no longer living who would they be? Mine: Martin Luther King Jr, Judas, Malcolm X, any member of the original Dalton Gang, and Chris Farley.

That was my Facebook status not too long ago. I was interested to see different people’s responses. Michael Jackson came in number one with five votes. Jesus, Elvis and Tupac might have gotten more votes but the status was about dead people, not living ones. In case your curious, here are who people said they would like to spend time with (not including their relatives):

Michael Jackson 5

Jesus 3

Mother Teresa 3

Hitler 3

Frank Sinatra 3

Elvis 2

Gandhi 2

Tupac 2



James Dean

Muhammad the prophet

Hedrick Verwoerd

Martin Luther

Martin Luther King Jr.

Mary Magdalene

Lucille Ball

Walt Disney



Mr. Devious

James Brown

Kurt Cobain

Helen Keller

Dr. Seuss

Adolf Hitler

Winston Churchill

King Solomon

John Lennon

Van Gogh



Leonardo Da Vinci

Benjamin Franklin

Babe Ruth

Teddy Roosevelt


Lucky Dube

Kgetcha Sebotja


If you haven’t taken part yet, feel free to leave your top 5 as a comment.