Frank Ocean. Love.

July 6, 2012

I’ve had massive respect for Frank Ocean for a while now. As an artist, his voice is distinct, set apart, mature, and thought provoking. He is a true lyricist. His approach to music, culture, and, it seems, life in general, is different to the average hiphop or R&B artist. A refreshing kind of different.

Not long ago, I praised him (in a tweet) for playing a part of breaking the monotonous, misogynous, homophobic voice the hiphop and R&B community has become known for. In his song We All Try (on his album Nostalgia, Ultra.), he eloquently sings, “I believe that marriage isn’t between a man and woman, but between love and love.” This line powerfully validates those who are in love but who don’t meet society’s conventional “picture of love”, and indirectly, and more subtly, exposes the fact that there are many “traditional couples”, men and women, who are together, but not in love; I’ve seen both scenarios play out beautifully and tragically before my very eyes.

This week Frank Ocean made another bold step. In a raw, open, poetic way, he shared the experience of his first love on his personal blog. He described what it was like, on a particular summer when he was 19-years-old, to experience love for the very first time, also alluding that the particular person was one amongst many relationships he had had over his teenage years. But that particular time, those particular feelings, and that particular person were different. His first true love.

The way Frank recounts his feelings is beautiful. The love he speaks of is young, innocent, organic, real, vulnerable, and true; the type that gives you those warm fuzzy feelings, the type that makes you want to fall in love, the type that makes you wonder if you ever truly have. The love he explains is different, and more pure, than the average love-equates-sex stance many R&B singers take. Oh, and the person he fell in love with just so happens to be male.

Frank Ocean’s blog post.

And, on that note, the Internet was flooded with various opinions, feelings, and commentaries. For the most part, I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised by a vast majority of positive responses to his announcement. I expected less. Maybe I wasn’t being fair. Maybe I haven’t acknowledged how far we’ve come. But I saw many comments from this up-and-coming generation, offering support and acceptance, that really made me feel better about “us”.

Of course, there were those who opposed with great fury, promising to never buy or listen to his music again (ironically, his Nostalgia, Ultra. was posted online free for download, and still is). Those (mostly conservative Christians) who immediately retorted, “Well, that‘s not love! He was just confused,” claim to have the monopoly on love. But when I see the venom with which such words are often spewed, the hatred they have seemingly built up against same sex marriage and homosexuality, I recognize that they are no experts on love, and they themselves are confused. Frank Ocean’s depiction of love bears testimony to the many complexities that keep this world spinning, whilst those who narrowly oppose this view merely offer a black-and-white take on a technicolored topic.

Frank Ocean was not asking or telling us to have certain experiences in certain ways. He was merely sharing his experience. He didn’t claim his as the one and only truth. He just offered a glimpse into the reality he’s found himself.

I don’t have to love men to recognize the love Frank Ocean speaks of as genuine. I don’t have to love men to want that type of love, translated to my own personal experience. I don’t have to love men to read his words and feel the intimacy and pain they are laced with. I don’t have to love men to want those who are truly in love, to be able to live in it without persecution. And I don’t have to love men to be thankful for Frank Ocean’s honesty and bravery. And I do love Frank.



Gay Advertising…

August 20, 2010

I just came across this crazy conservative Christian website Though absolutely ridiculous, some of their articles are quite humorous, if you can get past the irritation of the fact that they are not meant to be comical and just enjoy a nice laugh. For instance,I read  their article for Christian wives to find out if their husbands are gay. According to this article I am a flaming homosexual. I mean, I like to be clean and I don’t like smelling like sweat, I am sometimes “sassy, sarcastic, and ironic around my friends”, I enjoy the occasional show like Desperate Housewives or Glee, and I do indeed have quite a few young male friends, probably “too many”. It sure was stuffy in that closet!

So, unless of course you subscribe to this belief system, the website is pretty absurd. But while I was on the website I did, however, come across something incredibly hilarious and ironic (there I go with my homosexual ways again). I guess is paying the price for having a “free” website, hosted by advertisers they do not choose. For those of you who do not know, these type of websites use technology to find key words in your website and then find advertisers whose product has correlating key words. So yeah, if you speak so much about “gays” on one of these websites, it’s only inevitable that you will have advertising for a dating website where you can “browse thousands of single gays”.

Hosting your own domain through WordPress: $11.00 per year…

The Desperate Housewives complete set seasons 1-5: $105.00…

This Screen Shot: Priceless!

*The article is titled “A Disturbing Look Inside the Mind of a Sex-Addicted Homosexual Hipster” and the advert just above it is advertising “Browse thousands of gay singles on Zoosk. Flirt now!”.

We Must Cleanse Ourselves from Those who are Unclean

August 13, 2010

Alright people! It’s time to act!! I was just reading in Leviticus and came upon some shocking scriptures that we have to act upon!

Leviticus 11:9-12

“These you may eat, of all that are in the waters. Everything in the waters that has fins and scales, whether in the seas or in the streams – such you may eat. But anything in the seas of the streams that does not have fins and scales, of the swarming creatures in the waters and among all the other living creatures that are in the waters – they are detestable to you and detestable they shall remain. Of their flesh you shall not eat, and their carcass you shall regard as detestable. Everything in the waters that does not have fins and scales is detestable to you.”

I always knew there was a reason that I am allergic to seafood! But I know there are plenty of people in the world who eat shell fish, muscles, lobster, calamari, and other creatures of the sea that are detestable and unclean! So it is time that we act on this!! I want to get together a mob of people who will stand with me on this! The more angry and worked up we can get the better! We have to really show these people we not only hate what they do, but we hate them! I am planning a movement and our first protest will be outside the popular seafood restaurant, Ocean Basket.

We have to make signs, lots and lots of signs, that will make these people feel guilty of their actions, and condemn them! Here are some examples:

“Shell fish = HELL fish!!”

“Calamari? I’m Sorry!!! You are unclean!!!”

“Lobster is the modern day mobster! You are unclean and a monster!!!”

We will stand outside Ocean Basket with these signs and wait for people to come out of the restaurant. Then we will ask people what they ate while they were inside and if they tell us they ate any of the above mentioned unclean foods, we will start shouting at them, maybe even beat one of them down! We have to let these unclean people know that we no longer stand for their dirty ways and we have to rid ourselves of these impurities!!! They are responsible for our societal moral decline! In the meantime, we need to contact all of our government officials and start petitions to try and get any seafood restaurant, or grocery store that sells these unclean foods, to be shut down immediately! We need to get a law passed banning the sells of these unclean foods!!


Abomination – UNMOVED Episode 4

March 2, 2010

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