Sidewalk Talk – Absent Fathers

March 17, 2010

Last night on Sidewalk Talk the topic was “Absent Fathers” and the issues individuals face growing up without fathers. I want to apologize because I do not feel we were able to do the topic justice. The show was a bit rushed and sloppy. I don’t want to make excuses, but explain. I am still getting used to the new format of Sidewalk Talk reloaded and I had (kind of thick-headedly) prepared the topic with the old format in mind. In 2006 and 2007 we would spend a full hour discussing the topic in depth, dedicating approximately the first thirty minutes or so to really grappling with the topic and then spending the second thirty minutes or so hearing from listeners’ SMSes, calls, and other “experts” invited to speak in studio.

This time around, with Sidewalk Talk Reloaded, we are given two fifteen-minute slots to discuss the topics. Last night the show felt rushed and we didn’t engage the topic, and bring solutions in the way I hope to do for the topics we discuss. The purpose of Sidewalk Talk is not merely to speak about “problems”, getting emotions stirred up, but to also offer solutions and hope, encouraging action with regards to the specific topic. One listener SMSed that he liked the topic but felt we “needed more time to discuss such a sensitive topic, and there was a lack of expertise in the studio”. I do not disagree and take the full blame for that. Please rest assured that we are working out the glitches, whether we are allocated more time or I have to adjust the way we discuss the topics to fit the timeslot appropriately.

My intentions are most definitely not to cause more harm than good, and though I definitely want to “stir things up”, I do not want to bring up potentially painful topics and leave people hanging or feeling more hopeless. Bear with us as we figure all this out. We will make a plan to readdress the issue of Absent Fathers in the coming months, but please feel free to use this platform and the Sidewalk Talk Facebook Fanpage discussion board to give your experiences, insight, questions, and comments. Also, you can check out some recent blogs I have written on the topic in the following blogs:

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Thanks for your understanding!