& Artist of the Day – Nate Patterson (Stained Glass)

March 1, 2012

Only a few days away from the & Pop-Up Art Exhibition, I wanted to take some time to focus on the three artists whose work will be displayed at the event. I will be featuring one a day, for a three day period. Here’s todays:

Nate Patterson – Stained Glass:

When the thousand-year-old art of stained glass is mentioned, many people exclusively think of the windows of churches and other significant buildings, but Nate’s contemporary style is a beautiful mix of modern, avant-garde art, with the occasional hints of traditional flair. His carpentry and stained glass work is greatly respected in the local community, and can be found in a multitude of homes and other buildings.

Nate’s pieces vary from minimal yet beautifully intricate designs with geometric shapes and vivid colors, to glass murals mirroring the Tennessee landscape that has surrounded him his entire life; beauty such as colorful flowers, fiery sunsets, and luscious green trees. His body of work exhibits the refined level of craftsmanship of a highly skilled artist.