About Brown

Ryan Dalton.

Brown is my nickname. I still have to come up with a more interesting story of how I got the name. I like it, but others find it boring.

I am from Tennessee, United States. Cookeville to be exact. I’m sure you’ve never heard of it. I lived in Cape Town, South Africa for ten years, where I worked with “youth at risk”, hung out on the streets, and rapped, amongst other random things.

Right now, I’m living in Brooklyn, NY. East Flatbush to be exact.

I’m a social worker by degree, a retired rapper, a child activist at heart, and a writer for fun. Oh, and now I am a high school teacher. So, that’s random.


12 Responses to About Brown

  1. Ryan Lynn says:

    I like the site.

  2. Emily Bedal says:

    I just got a tattoo at Wildfire in Cape Town from your old tattoo artist, and I’m here in Capetown until Sunday evening…from America and I’d LoVE to meet you while I’m here and talk about what you do. I ‘ve read “the irresistible revolution” and think its one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read. If you are around, email me at embedal@gmail.com.

    Hope to meet you soon!


  3. Steve says:

    Hi Ryan
    Met you at the talk you held in the Catholic hall Parow last Friday. I need to do an interview with you for the special page Im creating for you on the website regarding teens, drugs and abuse.
    I think you are doing a fantastic service, and more people should know about what you do. With thousands of hits per month.

  4. Dokte says:

    You chill with horses…? Lol.

  5. Father Dave says:

    Hi Brown.

    Father Dave here. Just wanted to confirm that I was a real person (or was last time I looked). I couldn’t DM you on Twitter as you aren’t following me, but that’s led me to enjoy your blog. 🙂

    I work with youth at risk too, as you probably picked up. I teach them to box. Boxing has played a big role for South African youth too as I understand it.

  6. Frank Mulhern says:

    Last time we met was at Mama Africa in Capetown. You were with Faizel and I had my youth from NY doing Peer education for prevention of HIV/AIDS. I still have the Madiba shirt that you gave me. Glad to know that you are still trying to connect people and change the world! I will try to hook up with you in Brooklyn. Peace! Frank Mulhern

  7. Bryan says:

    I’m in school to be a history secondary educator and I wanted to know what subject do you teach and do you have some tips/books you would recommend I read.

  8. Leigh-ann says:

    Hi Ryan. I lied your last blog post on privilege and how it blinds us. All of us. I was born in Durban, grew up in Cape Town and now live in Johannesburg. I am very interested in consciousness and am currently doing research for my degree looking at black teacher social consciousness in Cape Town and east london. I was so happy to read at the end of your blog that you are a high school teacher. My project is about re formulating the notion of the teacher as professional to include very clearly the role of teachers as intellectuals. I would like to speak to you when/if you are interested about your practice and how it feeds your theorizing. This is what I am speaking to black teachers about and I would be interested to hear your thoughts. Send me an email address or a we can talk via facebook. Leigh-Ann Naidoo

  9. […] Then there are the tweets that started the #TeachingRacism trend, from a teacher in New York. […]

  10. MSWMommy says:

    Brown fits because you embody the spirit of abolitionist John Brown! Respect from one social worker to another. Keep up the great work and keep speaking truth to power! Peace!

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