We are responsible for everything we see…

We are our biggest problem.

We are our only solution.

We have stolen from us.

We give back.

We are capable of unthinkable evil.

We are capable of beauty beyond measure.

We dehumanize us.

We humanize us.

We are our worst enemy.

We are our best friend.

We hurt.

We heal.

We hate.

We love.

We neglect.

We provide.

We oppress.

We liberate.

We have designed our cages of captivity.

We hold the key to our freedom.

We are complicit to injustice with our silence.

We are incredibly powerful when we speak out.

We may not recognize us all,

But we are all here.

We may not acknowledge our connection,

But we are all connected.

We may not like us all,

But we are all we have.

We are all we have.

We are all we have.

We are all we have.

We are.


One Response to We…

  1. Aleya says:

    I have been so consumed in the contradictions of our current global predicaments. I feel like we’re sitting on a boat with holes everywhere sinking slow and sure and yet we’re fighting about who is hogging all the sunscreen. I don’t know how we can communicate more effectively to say THIS IS ALL MADE UP, AND POORLY. LETS WRITE A SECOND DRAFT!

    No generation has ever been more aware of the global and historical scale of how MESSED UP and senseless everything is. And still we’re preoccupied with garbage and failing to come together!

    Anyway, to end this rant, thanks for your persistent vocal outrage. I’m trying to fight the good fight in my own way and feel so much more purposeful and determined to make my artwork mean something. Thanks again for adding your voice to the mix, everyone counts.

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