Falling Trees…


The age-old question about

A tree falling in the woods

With no ears to hear it

Making or not making a sound

Comes out of a fear

At least a deep subconscious fear

That this individualistic life

We live


In solitude


Does not matter

Is not Significant

Will not be seen or heard

With no community around

To see or hear it


Our fear is that

We are the trees

Silently falling

In the wilderness of

Our own constructed isolation


The question we are trying to ask is

If a life is lived


In solitude


With no one there to see or hear it

Will it matter?

Will we matter?


One Response to Falling Trees…

  1. capetownbrown says:

    A Xhosa grandmother once told me that it is important to know your neighbor, regularly relate to them, because they will be the first one to find you when you die; otherwise your corpse, say, on the kitchen floor, would go undiscovered for days.

    This is a morbid take on community, interconnectedness, and Ubuntu, but I always found her blunt, simplistic truth-telling affable and refreshing.

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