Our hearts scream, “Let freedom reign!”

But find comfort in the captivity of our cages;

Crying to be free,

When we are the only ones holding our freedom captive.


Sometimes, if not often,

The ways in which we celebrate our “freedom”

Are actually

The bars

And chains

And devices of,

And occasionally even the reasons for,

Our captivity.


These celebrations of “freedom”,

Mere illusions of true freedom;

Our captors,

Our prisons,

Our pride and joy,

Our opulence,

Our opiate.


Alas, so many of us depend on

A government constitution,

A religion,

Political correctness,

Social acceptability,

The approval of others,

To tell us when and how we may be free.


But I ask,

How is it true freedom

If we are told when and how to be free?

Who is more free,

A man who speaks freely because he lives in a land where the authorities have granted him “freedom of speech”


A man who lives in a land where freedom of speech is restricted,

Who speaks out,

Because he is truly free?


No government

Or religion

Or document

Or flag

Or friend

Or foe

Or circumstance

Or situation

Can determine or administer

Our freedom.


Our freedom is not found in the constraints of the mirages we have created to convince ourselves we are free.

Our freedom,

True freedom,

Is found in our hearts and minds,

No matter what situation we are in,

Or how and when we are told to be in that situation,

Or what our circumstances attempt to dictate;

When we acknowledge that we are the only ones holding our freedom captive,

And we release ourselves

To be free,

Then we are truly free;


The freedom found in the mind of a prisoner,

The freedom found in the song of the enslaved who choose to sing out loud the iniquities of their oppressor,

The freedom found in the heart of a young child who is blissfully unaware of the constraints imposed and expected by society,


True freedom.





3 Responses to Freedom…

  1. Lecia says:

    Yearning to be free. I hope I get there. Thanks for reminding me that the mirage, the illusion, is not what I seek.

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