Killer Hoodie…

I posted this picture on Facebook, along with this commentary,

“Geraldo Rivera said it was the hoodie that killed Trayvon Martin, just as much as it was Zimmerman.

Yo, Geraldo! Here’s the hoodie that killed Travon.”


Within seconds of posting, this post got four “likes”, and then I was suddenly logged out of Facebook. When I logged back in I was informed I had been reported for “hate speech”, and uploading offensive pictures. They made me remove the picture before I could log back in.

For a picture to be “reported”, it actually has to physically be reported…by people.

Giving the benefit of the doubt, maybe someone just saw a picture of the KKK and reported it without reading. Being realistic, maybe someone who likes to believe we live in a “colorblind”, “Post-Racial America”, where “race is no longer a problem” reported it. Or, being a conspiracy theorist, maybe a member of the KKK or Geraldo himself reported it.

No matter who it was, I would have rather just been defriended.


2 Responses to Killer Hoodie…

  1. capetownbrown says:

    And now I can’t share this link on Facebook, and/or comment on my own posts. When I try, I get this message:

    “You recently posted something that violates Facebook policies, so you’re temporarily blocked from using this feature.”

  2. Shana Gago says:

    INSANE! I am beginning to think that facebook is controlled by nazis! (Oopps….now I will get blocked if they find out I am on to them!) I read things all the time that I do not agree with or am personally offended by….and I either scroll on down or delete the person from whom the posts/comments were delivered. It really is so easy! I actually thought that was why there was a block and unfriend option. My bad! Next time, I will go through the hassle of reporting whoever does not share my beliefs! Maybe this will work in the upcoming election so that our next president can just lead those who agree with him and not the country as a whole! Geez….what are we turning into?

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