& Artist of the Day – Rhyan McReynolds (Mixed-Media Modern Art)

Only a few days away from the & Pop-Up Art Exhibition, I wanted to take some time to focus on the three artists whose work will be displayed at the event. I will be featuring one a day, for a three day period. Here’s todays:

Rhyan McReynolds – Mixed-Media Modern Art:

Rhyan has been involved in the local music, art and skate boarding community for most of his life, and the amalgamation of these cultures, with a little bit of extra flare, comes through loud and clear in his extremely unique artistic style. His work, often done on found objects, plywood, wood shipping palettes, or anything he can get his hands on, is best described as Mixed-Media Modern Art.

Rhyan’s trademark bright color palette of oils and acrylics, mixed with iconic screen-printed images, and free-flowing graphite outlined sketches, sing with fun, witty humor, and controlled chaos. Laisser-faire yet mature, unpretentious yet bold, he has honed his artwork to the point of recognizable genius; a loud, distinctive voice amidst a crowd of monotony.


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