& Artist of the Day – Andrea Patterson (Photography)

Only a few days away from the & Pop-Up Art Exhibition, I wanted to take some time to focus on the three artists whose work will be displayed at the event. I will be featuring one a day, for a three day period. Here’s todays:

Andrea Patterson – Photography:

In this modern age of digital cameras, camera-phone apps, and overly Photoshopped pictures, Andrea’s simplistic photographic esthetic is refreshing and honest.  She takes the pictures as they appear, and only develops and treats them with traditional techniques one would use in the darkroom.

Andrea’s work is characterized by its “everyday” subject matter, as she finds beauty, intrigue, and striking displays of color and light, in seemingly ordinary scenes. She manages to capture subjects and moments that might otherwise go unnoticed, be passed by in the day-to-day business of life, or be considered mundane, craftily highlighting the art in what we often consider commonplace.


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