We all like fun. You know, “good, clean fun”. Most of us do, at least. I’m helping plan an event that will take place on the 3rd of March at 7:00PM in Cookeville, TN. I hope you’ll come!

I promise it will be fun! If it’s not, I’ll give you your money back (and seeing that entry will be free, I will owe you absolutely nothing, BUT I’ll give you a hug for good measures, and to stay on speaking terms).

I mean, we often see the same old things, done in the same old ways. This is just an attempt to do something slightly different and fun, in a slightly fun and different way.

We sure could use your help spreading the word! It would be totally bodacious (Michelangelo was my favorite Ninja Turtle, fyi) if you got involved by sharing the event page on Facebook, posting random &’s in Cookeville, telling people about the event (even though you don’t know what it is yet), sharing the videos with friends and/or enemies, getting an “&” tattoo on your face, or whatever else you come up with.

Here’s an informative video about the event:

I’m sorry. I know that didn’t help much. Here’s another one that will clear it all up:

Ok, so you should be TOTALLY in the loop now, and completely on board! I sure hope so. Please, oh please, help spread the word. You will be like & Soldiers, fighting the good fight, and every person who takes part in this peaceful, completely imaginary battle to spread the word about this event will get a congressional medal of honor. That was a really dumb metaphor. But for real, help an & out!



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