Over the Edge…

I was riding in this minivan with a group of people I didn’t know that well. I mean, I actually didn’t know them at all, but there was a certain kindred spirit I had with them that made it feel like they were lifelong friends. The man who was driving was speeding down this narrow, winding, mountain road; so fast that even I, usually unphased by a bit of speed, began to sit on the edge of my seat and look out the window ahead. Everyone was quiet.

We came upon a curve too fast for the driver to take so he decided to just keep straight, wanting to cut through the patch of grass that sat in between and connected the two pieces of street. The only problem was, the grass did not extend all the way across. But we didn’t even realize it until the minivan’s nose was pointing down, and we were falling off a cliff…at a rapid pace, I might add. My stomach left my body, through my head. Everyone panicked and began to scream, but strangely, I felt pretty calm.

I remember thinking, “We’re going to die.” But it wasn’t a frantic thought; just kind of a surrendered one. I spoke up, “We’re going to die,” stating the obvious as we plummeted towards the earth below. We fell and fell and fell and fell. And then, almost uncontrollably, I yelled out something pretty unexpected. I looked around the minivan and I shouted, “I love you guys!” And even though I didn’t know the people all that well (if at all), at that moment, I felt and meant it in every bone of my body. Everyone looked at me in shock, and with loving, peaceful eyes. They all became completely quiet, right as we smashed into the ground.

The minivan made a loud bang as it hit the hard soil, rolled, and stopped upside down. We all sat in silence for a few minutes, as the vehicle tottered gently. We looked around at each other, taking in the damage. Surprisingly, not one single person was injured or even scratched in the least bit. We all climbed out, and everyone looked at me with a “that awkward moment when you confess your love to all of us as we’re falling off a cliff to our doom” look. I shrugged. And then we started trying to figure out what to do from there.

This of course was a dream. And a strange one at that.



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