Astro’s Moment…

I want a crisp, white t-shirt with this picture…

…and “Taking hiphop back!” written on it, because that’s what this kid’s doing! What a breath of fresh air in this lame rap generation. I just wish X Factor would hurry up and get over with so the Astronomical Kid can get out there and do his thing full-time. But I wish him all the best as he continues on in the competition, and keeps making hiphop proud.

Dude, everybody’s stopped looking at your mom now (no offense to her). All eyes on you!

That is all.


2 Responses to Astro’s Moment…

  1. David Chang says:

    Dude I feel the same way about Astronomical Kid. He makes me reminisce of old school hiphop whenever he spits and his freestyle skills are off the charts! The last MC that actually made me realize why I listened to hiphop was BIG L. With Astronomical Kid, within a few years, i’m 90% sure he could bring back what BIG L brought to the table back in the mid-1990’s. All the GREAT MC’s in real hiphop that have passed away would be proud that at least one very young talented individual is doing it in these modern times where hiphop is either dead or barely alive.

    • capetownbrown says:

      Yeah, man! He’s taking it back to when it was cool, and taking it back from those who have killed it. Take back of both kinds!

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