You’re the Woman…

Until today, driving in the car listening to the radio, I never understood what Bryan Adams was talking about in his song “Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman”. This is because, until this very day, I always thought he was singing, “When you love a woman then tell her, that she’s really woman. When you love a woman then tell her that she’s the woman.”

She’s the woman? Huh, Bryan?!

I was confused because, that never seemed like a great enough compliment for a woman that you really loved. I mean, if a girl told a dude, “You’re the man,” that would probably work, and possibly even win his heart over. But I always thought Bryan was really missing the mark when he was advising us guys to just tell a woman that “she’s a woman”, at times when we want to express that we really love her.

Today in the car I actually heard the lyrics for the first time. I was pleasantly surprised at them. They are actually good things to tell a woman, and not just telling her that she is a woman. I even think that if we took Bryan’s advice, women would probably love us more. Well, I’m glad that’s all cleared up now, and that I never took (what I believed to be) his advice!


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