Light Bulb Moment…

One time the light bulb in my bathroom burned out. I didn’t have any new bulbs, but luckily I had some candles. So, I put a candle in there temporarily, you know, until I could get to the store to buy a new light bulb. Time went on and I never made it to the store, or forgot about bulbs when I was there. That candle burned all the way down and I replaced it with another candle. And then repeated that a few more times, with a few more candles.

Finally, I ran out of candles. So I was forced to go to the store to buy some more. And just as I was walking up to the register, with a brand new pack of candles, I realized the light bulbs and the candles share the same aisle. Yep. That really happened.


One Response to Light Bulb Moment…

  1. Tresor says:

    ahahah!!! Great story!

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