Death must occur, to make way for new life.

Like a beautiful picture within a picture, we see this cyclical theme of life and death within this very life itself.

I am certain that those of us who fear death have not made peace with the new life that is to follow this one, whether in this world, or the next.

But oh how magnificent the picture of life and death is painted for us in the Seasons, mocking those who have found no peace, reassuring those who have.

Winter chills. Spring thaws. And Summer rejuvenates.

But before all of that can happen, Autumn must come, and shed the remains of Seasons past.

And in wonderful, exaggerated drama only found in nature, the leaves begin to die and change colors; deep reds, yellows, and oranges reminding us of fire, and multiple shades of brown, mirroring the hues of the soil below.

Fire that cremates and soil that buries the remnants of Seasons past; the painted splendor and drama of a welcomed death.

And then the winds of change come, blowing, even howling and singing, stripping and shedding, reminding us that beauty is found within death, and can even be a time of celebration, as nature’s colorful confetti flutters and falls to the earth.

And on the ground, the dead layer of Seasons past lay rest, but have by no means died in vain.

As the leaves decompose, the soil soaks up all the nourishment it can from the dead leaves, and graciously dissolves all that cannot be used.

The trees stand bare, but only for now. In a few Seasons they will flourish, and bloom, and thrive again.

But the old had to be shed, to make way for the newness that is to come.

Death must occur, to make way for life.


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