The Astronomical Kid – The Chosen One

A while back I wrote about the Youtube sensation The Astronomical Kid, mostly known for his viral hit “Stop Lookin’ At My Moms“. Since I stumbled upon this young phenom, I’ve been following his movements and have been very impressed. He’s a talented young MC, whose music goes way beyond a gimmick or one viral Youtube video. He’s a hard-working kid, who knows his dreams, but also is very clear about putting his education first. In his music he speaks about wanting to “make it big”, but he also has powerful lyrics, focusing on everything from his own life, to freedom fighters of the past, to issues impacting our communities, just to name a few.

He is an excellent role model for today’s youth, most especially in a genre that is often known for negative lyrics. The Astronomical Kid is a breath of fresh air. I saw someone tweet him and say that his mixtapes are really great “for his age”. The thing is, they are also really great even if he wasn’t young. His punchlines are clever, his large vocabulary is used potently and properly, and his message is on point. In may ways he is beyond his years.

The way I see it, rapping negativity is easy, because sex, drugs, and violence sells. The young group Odd Future proves that; they are indeed extremely talented, but the message in their music is over the top and vulgar. Though it speaks to many angry young people who find themselves surrounded by negativity, it actually does nothing to bring positive change in the situations and lives of those very kids, and probably just makes them more angry. Youth looking for role models need to stop turning to the ignorance of Lil Wayne, Odd Future, and the likes, and start looking up to a real role model like the Astronomical Kid, spreading positivity. He just released his fourth mixtape The Chosen One – Reloaded (Click on the title to download for free). Young, old, and in between, do yourselves a favor and check him out!

Also, become his fan on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.


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  1. […] I told you way back in February, and then again in June, that the young rapper Brian Bradley aka the Astronomical Kid is a force to be reckoned with! […]

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