L.A.S.E.R.S. – Manifesto

I love Lupe Fiasco. He’s one of my favorite MCs. I like him because he has managed to break out into the commercial rap game, without compromising his message and lyrics, though in many interviews about his latest release “Lasers” he complains about having to compromise because of the record label. Well, in that case, even his “compromised” album stands miles higher than everything else that’s out there.

There is no question he is one of the most conscious rappers in the commercial industry. Lupe’s lyrics speak for them self, but another aspect I appreciate about him is how much thought he puts into every aspect of his album. For instance, Lasers is actually an acronym that stands for, “Love Always Shines Everytime, Remember 2 Smile”, and before creating the album he developed a manifesto, with a projecting-guiding ethos. The manifesto is incredible to me, and I think it should be adopted by everyone, above and beyond the Lasers album. Have a read,

“To every man, woman & child… We want an end to the glamorization of negativity in the media. We want an end to status symbols dictating our worth as individuals. We want a meaningful and universal education system. We want substance in the place of popularity. We will not compromise who we are to be accepted by the crowd. We want the invisible walls that separate by wealth, race & class to be torn down. We want to think our own thoughts. We will be responsible for our environment. We want clarity & truth from our elected officials or they should move aside. We want love not lies. We want an end to all wars foreign & domestic violence. We want an end to the processed culture of exploitation, over-consumption & waste. We want knowledge, understanding & peace. We will not lose because we are not losers, we are lasers! Lasers are revolutionary. Lasers are the future.”


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