I’m Right. You’re Wrong.

Everyone wants to be right about everything, pretty much all the time, most especially when it comes to religion. Some people take it to the extreme of being willing to write hateful stuff on signs and stand out shouting mean things, and others will fly planes into buildings for their cause. Just as convinced as you are that you are right, there is someone else with an opposing view who is more convinced they are right, and willing to do something far more radical to prove it. It seems the more right we try to be, the more wrong we become.

Some of the most nasty, disgusting behavior I have seen (regarding religion) has been related to people trying to prove to others that they are right, and “the others” are wrong. The interesting thing is often it seems like those people, trying so hard to prove their point, are trying to convince themselves about what they believe more than anyone else. They are also usually scared of any type of question that might challenge their belief in any sort of way. And these questions can cause them to totally freak out, become emotional, and ensue in heated debate about the matter.

We can become so ugly when we think we are right about something. I hate that ugliness because it puts huge divides between us. Surely if what or who we say we believe in is big enough to believe in, it should not shake our belief in that thing or being when others have opposing views. I have friends who believe many different things when it comes to religion, politics, world views, and life in general. I can have conversations with them, hearing their point of views and sharing mine, without feeling like I have to convince them that they are wrong and I am right, just because I may not agree with them. And most times, even though I may not agree with their entire view, there are areas where I can find common ground of agreement; and on certain occasions that may be to merely “agree to disagree”.

Now, I am not at all saying that we should all believe the same things, or not have strong opinions about things. I have very strong opinions, beliefs and views on pretty much everything, and I like it that way. Diversity in belief and lifestyle is what makes it fun to live in this world, for me. But I guess, over the years, I have just seen that the best way to tell someone what you believe, is to show them with your life, and if it doesn’t speak loud enough to convince them of your views, then your words will probably do nothing for your cause. One thing I know I am right about is one day we are all going to be very surprised about what we always thought was right and wrong, because we are all right in some ways, and we are all wrong in others. Until then, we all have the right to think we’re right but let’s try not to act wrong in trying to prove we’re right. Right?



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