It was all a dream.

I’ve been thinking a great deal about dreams lately; dreams and dreaming. I think it’s crucially important to dream, to dream dreams bigger than our current reality. If our dreams can fit into the box of our current reality are they really dreams anyways? Our dreams can most definitely make others feel uncomfortable for that very reason. They are dreams, they don’t always make sense, they are “out there”, they are subconscious desires for the things that make us the absolute happiest, but might not mesh with our present reality.

Dreams are also often attached to a subconscious fear that we will never be that thing we want to be, that person we’re meant to be, choking us like a nightmare, keeping us “in our place”, unable to move. The discouraging words of disbelievers around us helps hold us in that place. I say if we’re around people who don’t allow us to dream, well, we should sleep walk away, or run. Dreaming is important.

What if all those before us never chased their dreams? Too many people to name one. well, the world would be a lot less inspiring. I choose to dream. I want to dream until I wake up and that dream has become my reality. I want to base my dreams on a high bar I set for myself, rather than based on what I see around me. I want to imagine the seeming “impossible”, even though it may seem abstract at present. I’m willing to put in a little sweat, blood and tears to live my dreams.

And for me, I don’t say, “Any dream will do.” I have very specific dreams, some known only to me. My dreams have individual qualities and purposes. I don’t want to live your dream, and I would not want you to try and live mine. That’s why I understand why my dream, to you, may seem like cryptic nonsense. But my dreams are not your dreams. My dreams are my dreams. I choose to dream. Dream.


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