Youtube Time With Cousin Kevin: Weekend’s Top 5

I spent the weekend in Nashville, and a good portion of the weekend with my cousin Kevin. We’ve kind of always been this team of “anything can happen” when we get together. And last night, that “anything” was going down, what I like to call, the downward spiral of destruction, falling into the deep, dark, rabbit hole of Youtube video despair. Simply put, we stayed up until almost 3:00 AM watching Youtube videos, while his wife slept on the couch.

For a while our buddy Blake was over, but when his wife fell asleep on the couch he actually had the decency to give in, and get her home and in bed…an hour after she fell asleep. He’s the gentleman of the bunch. So, we watched a bunch of videos. Starting by watching ones that we had seen like, “Oh, did you see blah blah blah? NO?!?! Oh my gosh, wait let me find it!” And after we watched said video we would click on a related video. And then watch it and click on a video related to it. And so on and so forth, forever and ever until 3:00 AM. Yep, the rabbit hole.

You can imagine there were some we came across that I should not share with you. So I won’t. But here are my Top 5 Favorite Youtube Videos (that I am willing to post on my blog) of the Weekend (Number 1 being my most favorite). You may or may not have seen them, but here they are…

NUMBER 5: “Boom Goes the Dynamite”

This is just a painful ball of awkwardness if I’ve ever seen one, though I have never really seen a literal ball of awkwardness, come to think of it. Anyways. In the longest three minutes and fifty-five seconds of his life, this young Sports Caster, Brian Collins, put Michael Cera to shame with the amount of awkward he brought to the table, by bumbling, messing up lines, and then finally resorting to trying to just do play-by-play commentary. And boom goes the dynamite.


NUMBER 4: “Stressed office guy destroys computer”

All this poor guy wanted to do was print something out from his computer in his little office cubicle. He probably hates his job and feel indifferent about life in general. Can’t a guy just print something in peace? Nope. The printer was not playing along so this guy decided to print what was on his screen, one way or another.


NUMBER 3: “Cop Tasers Himself”

This one is short, sweet, and to the point. Just some good clean fun, cop tasering himself style!


NUMBER 2: “Cop accidentally shoots himself”

Now, this gem is ridiculous, scary and funny on many levels. It starts off simple enough, with a cop giving some life skills to a group of school kids. His advice on drugs? No, not the usually “just say no”, but he rather tells them to just run away. But that’s really nothing. He picks up a Glock. He mentions the rappers 50 Cent and Too Short…um, not sure when last I heard someone mention Too Short. And then, while explaining how you should be careful with a gun, he shoots himself. Yep. In the foot. Does he stop his lecture? Nope. He keeps going (limping) and even tries to use him shooting himself as an example to the kids. And then he tries to show them another gun. That’s when the kids couldn’t take anymore and just started heckling him. But when all is said and done, I think he got his message across.


NUMBER 1: “Monkey Pee!”

Ok, this video is truly amazing. Come on guys! Stop being so childish with your monkeys having sex videos! Or monkeys scratching their butts, sniffing their fingers and falling out of trees! Immature! This video is way superior. I didn’t even realize this was possible, really, and, as good of an imagination as I have, I have never even thought of this as a possibility in the first place. But this monkey is no amateur at this honed skill. He’s done this before.






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