Phone Home.

Pretty much every day since I’ve been in the States I’ve really been wanting to call Auntie Margaret, just to say hi, and tell them I made it safe, and to check in on the kids. This whole time difference thing really throws a guy off. Every time I’ve thought to call she’s either been at work or it’s the middle of the night. But finally this morning I remembered at a decent time, plus it’s Saturday and she doesn’t work.

So I called. She said, “When are you coming back?” I told her I’m not sure yet. I asked how the kids are. She said, “They’re crying a lot.” I’m not sure if she is exaggerating about that. She asked again when I was coming back and I told her again that I don’t know. She said, “Well, you better come back before Christmas.” Well Auntie Margaret…Hmmm?


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