Random Thought #105

Insecurities can be so incredibly crippling. They hold us back from having the realist, truest social interactions, because we miss the intentions behind the interactions and see what our warped filter tells us to see.


One Response to Random Thought #105

  1. Malcolm Campbell says:

    Hey dude
    I’ve been neglectic this mailbox for a few months now and only just now noticed that you are planning to leave us. Eish bru, are you sure I cant find you a sister to marry, just to keep you in SA for longer? Its a sad moment in our nation to lose such a dynamic positive life changing person. Is there seriously no way we can make you stay?
    I’m totally deflated with the wind completely out my sails. Tell me you’ve changed your mind or that something has come up to keep you here.
    Tears in my navy blue eye my bru. Ek meen maar, met wie moet ek nou stry is ek in n mood is?

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