Ramblings on a Sunday…

If we are always looking for the worst in others, we will most definitely always find what we are looking for…

We are made in God’s image but we often choose only to see the results of a fallen world in one another. We have the potential to look deep into a person, or maybe not so deep depending on the person, and see God within them; and whether they acknowledge Him or not, or whether we acknowledge the way they choose to acknowledge Him should not bare significance in our findings. Because if we are looking to see good, we will see it. If we are looking to find love within, we will find Him. However, if we are looking to see bad…well, that we will most definitely find it, in anybody and everybody, with no exceptions.

But how great would it be if we could look beyond all the behaviors we don’t like, things we label as “wrong”, the outer appearances, just putting them aside, and we make the decision to look another person in the eyes, peering much deeper of course, into their inner most being, and we greet the God that lives within them, whether they ackowledge Him or not, or whether we agree with the way they choose to acknowledge Him if they do, and we just say, “Hey. What’s up? I like you.”?

That would be cool.

I have seen some strange stuff lately, and by stuff I actually mean people. I realize I am a hypocrite, because this very thing I speak of I cannot do myself, when it comes to some. I do try. For me, it’s easier to see God in the homeless, the gangsters, the materialistically “poor”, and the outcasts of society; mostly because they are real. They often have nothing to loose and they rarely see the need for false pretenses. It’s easy for me to love them. They are humble. They are genuine. They are generous with what little they may have. They are not proud.

Where do I struggle then? I struggle to see God in the self proclaimed “man of God”, who stands at the pulpit bragging of his wealth, his fancy cars…yes plural…his large house in an expensive area. It’s hard for me to see God in him because I do not recognize the God this man speaks of. “How can he drive those cars, or be driven around in them rather, when majority of his congregation will not even eat three meals a day this month?!”, I scoff. But I realize that does not reflect anything on him. It only reflects what a hypocritical wretch I am. Because if I truly believe what I say I believe then I must also look past the bodyguards, through the expensive cars, past the fancy suit, and see the inner most parts of the man I can’t stand to be in the same room with. I have to choose to see God in him.

I have to not listen to his accounts of the God he says he serves, not get caught up staring at the spectacle he has created around him, but rather, I have to make an intentional decision to look into him, not in the way we are accustomed to look, but with a supernatural eyesight. I have to look and find God within him, and as hard as it may be, I have to acknowledge He is there. Because, whether I agree with him or not, whether I like the way he goes on, and the things he does, and the way he treats people, and the way I perceive his representation of God to be “wrong”, I have to take a step back and accept the fact that no one is either all bad or all good. We are just humans, who are made in God’s image. And I have to choose to see God, and not just the human.


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  1. Krista says:

    Really liked this posting.

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