Conversations With a Four-Year-Old…

I realise I should not expect stimulating and profound conversation from a four-year-old. I mean, four is not many years to have lived on this earth and therefore acquired knowledge, and vocabulary to express what little knowledge they have attained, is minimal. I get it. But today, when I took out my friend’s four-year-old girl Caitlin for the day, I realised just how random conversations with a four-year-old can be.

They don’t really follow any specific train of thought, or even the conversation itself for that matter; they just kind of say the first thing that pops in their heads, usually thoughts inspired by some random key word in a sentence, but not necessarily a word that relates in any way what-so-ever to the topic of the conversation. Take this conversation between Caitlin and I as we drove to town:

Caitlin, “Whose birthday is it?”

Me, “Sherilyn’s is tomorrow.”

Caitlin, “I know but whose birthday is it today?”

Me, “Um, no one I know.”

Caitlin, “But it’s someone’s birthday today.”

Me, “Yes indeed. Just no one I know.”

Caitlin, “Then we need to look for the good little boys and girls and tell them it’s their birthday.”

Me, “That’s not really how a birthday works. It’s the day you are born on.”

Not totally convinced Caitlin, “We need to check it out.”

Me, “Check what out?”

Caitlin, “Whose birthday it is. We need to check it out.”

Me, “How?”

Caitlin, “We need to check it out.”

Me, “But how do you plan on checking it out?”

Caitlin, kind of singing as she speaks, “By making a list.”

Me, “Um?”

Caitlin, “And checking it twice. And then we find out who’s naughty or nice. And then we will know whose birthday it is.”

Me, “That’s Christmas.”

A song I like comes on the radio and I turn it up, only to find out it is an advert.

Me, “I hate it when they use a song like that.”

Caitlin, “What did they do?”

Me, “They played a song I like and I thought it was playing but it was only an advert.”

Caitlin, “What’s and adfart?”

Me, “Like, when you are watching tv…the things that come on to tell you to buy stuff.”

Caitlin, “Baby, Baby comes on the tv.”

Me, “Um, yep. Sometimes it does.”

Caitlin singing, “Baby, baby, baby oooooooh! I thought you’d be mine!”

I just nod my head to her song.

Caitlin, “Justin Bieber makes great music and he comes on the tv and the radio and he’s hot!” 

Me, “If you say so.”


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