Burning the Holy Quran…

I really wanted to write a heated, well thought out blog about this topic but I’m actually just too tired. This kind of situation (where an american Pastor is having a Quran Burning Day on September 11th to “take a stand against Islam”) really just makes me sad…and tired…and…sigh. I get so sick and tired of the ignorance mixed with arrogance of the Christian extremists who all too often make headlines!

Oh the arrogance! Oh the ignorance! Ugh!

So, I am just going to keep it simple speaking to my Islamic friends: in the same way that an extremist group who flies a plane into a building does not represent an entire religion they may be connected to, these idiots down in Florida do not represent all of Christianity, an dthey embarrass me. Please forgive them. Please forgive us. عيد مبارك‎ (Eid Mubarak) to you all after a long month of fasting!


3 Responses to Burning the Holy Quran…

  1. Kali's Heart says:

    Many of us who are not Muslim are also disgusted with the actions of this particular pastor. As of now, he is no longer in the plan of burning the Qu’ran. There has been much public outcry.
    It is good to see that more and more non-Muslims are thinking instead of reacting.

    Eid Mubarak to you and your family and friends.

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