Ten Things I Love About Jackie Chan…

  1. He does his own stunts. I mean, not many stars do that these days!
  2. Between him fumbling English lines and injuring himself trying to do stunts he has the best blooper reels ever!
  3. He is freaking hilarious, with a great sense of comedic timing.
  4. He never hits or kicks a woman, even if she is ferociously attacking him.
  5. In every film’s blooper reel he never fails to bleed or get knocked-out at least one time.
  6. Not only does he do his own stunts, but he also does his own English dubbing for his movies that are dubbed, even though he really can’t even speak English all that well.
  7. He smiles 86.2% of the time.
  8. He is always optimistic.
  9. He is 56-years-old and still going strong.
  10. In his film Concord he sings a song called “High Up, On High”. Yes, Jackie Chan sings the song himself!

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