Gay Advertising…

I just came across this crazy conservative Christian website Though absolutely ridiculous, some of their articles are quite humorous, if you can get past the irritation of the fact that they are not meant to be comical and just enjoy a nice laugh. For instance,I read  their article for Christian wives to find out if their husbands are gay. According to this article I am a flaming homosexual. I mean, I like to be clean and I don’t like smelling like sweat, I am sometimes “sassy, sarcastic, and ironic around my friends”, I enjoy the occasional show like Desperate Housewives or Glee, and I do indeed have quite a few young male friends, probably “too many”. It sure was stuffy in that closet!

So, unless of course you subscribe to this belief system, the website is pretty absurd. But while I was on the website I did, however, come across something incredibly hilarious and ironic (there I go with my homosexual ways again). I guess is paying the price for having a “free” website, hosted by advertisers they do not choose. For those of you who do not know, these type of websites use technology to find key words in your website and then find advertisers whose product has correlating key words. So yeah, if you speak so much about “gays” on one of these websites, it’s only inevitable that you will have advertising for a dating website where you can “browse thousands of single gays”.

Hosting your own domain through WordPress: $11.00 per year…

The Desperate Housewives complete set seasons 1-5: $105.00…

This Screen Shot: Priceless!

*The article is titled “A Disturbing Look Inside the Mind of a Sex-Addicted Homosexual Hipster” and the advert just above it is advertising “Browse thousands of gay singles on Zoosk. Flirt now!”.


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