We Must Cleanse Ourselves from Those who are Unclean

Alright people! It’s time to act!! I was just reading in Leviticus and came upon some shocking scriptures that we have to act upon!

Leviticus 11:9-12

“These you may eat, of all that are in the waters. Everything in the waters that has fins and scales, whether in the seas or in the streams – such you may eat. But anything in the seas of the streams that does not have fins and scales, of the swarming creatures in the waters and among all the other living creatures that are in the waters – they are detestable to you and detestable they shall remain. Of their flesh you shall not eat, and their carcass you shall regard as detestable. Everything in the waters that does not have fins and scales is detestable to you.”

I always knew there was a reason that I am allergic to seafood! But I know there are plenty of people in the world who eat shell fish, muscles, lobster, calamari, and other creatures of the sea that are detestable and unclean! So it is time that we act on this!! I want to get together a mob of people who will stand with me on this! The more angry and worked up we can get the better! We have to really show these people we not only hate what they do, but we hate them! I am planning a movement and our first protest will be outside the popular seafood restaurant, Ocean Basket.

We have to make signs, lots and lots of signs, that will make these people feel guilty of their actions, and condemn them! Here are some examples:

“Shell fish = HELL fish!!”

“Calamari? I’m Sorry!!! You are unclean!!!”

“Lobster is the modern day mobster! You are unclean and a monster!!!”

We will stand outside Ocean Basket with these signs and wait for people to come out of the restaurant. Then we will ask people what they ate while they were inside and if they tell us they ate any of the above mentioned unclean foods, we will start shouting at them, maybe even beat one of them down! We have to let these unclean people know that we no longer stand for their dirty ways and we have to rid ourselves of these impurities!!! They are responsible for our societal moral decline! In the meantime, we need to contact all of our government officials and start petitions to try and get any seafood restaurant, or grocery store that sells these unclean foods, to be shut down immediately! We need to get a law passed banning the sells of these unclean foods!!



8 Responses to We Must Cleanse Ourselves from Those who are Unclean

  1. Sonya says:

    Haa haa 🙂 “Shell-fish = hell fish”…
    I LOVE Ocean Basket… give me prawns ANYDAY… Yummy…

    Oh..guess that means I’m not with you!!!


    Good job there’s also the Acts 10 story… I think I might be okay!

  2. Mary O' Contrary says:

    Hey Brown 😉 Would love to be with you on this issue but I have my plate full trying to take action against
    other hethen moves…the judgementals, worriers, fearful & doubtful beings that roam on this earth. That is a full time gig.

  3. Stefan says:

    thank you brown, for speaking out for people that want to be true christians, and would like to see the body of universal christendom cleansed from these unclean subjects. thank for calling for a crusade against these sinners. i’d like to remind every body of leviticus 15;19 where it says: if a woman has a discharge and the discharge from her body is blood she shall be set apart seven days and whoever touches her shall be unclean untl the evening.”
    therefore i call for the introduction of a system of apartness to seperate the ones that wnat to remain clean from these detestable subjects, that permeates every aspect of civic life, seperate pulic transport compartments, public toilet facilities, entrance to restaurants, parkbenches, etc, who is with me?

  4. MK says:

    Where do I protest!

  5. Hailey says:

    Thank you for your hilarious but sadly true blog. It’s sad how often Christians think that marching around with protest signs hating people is going to change their minds about the way they live their lives. We need to learn what it means to “speak the truth in love”

  6. Malcolm Campbell says:

    gotta love it, funny thing is there is people out there who honestly LIVE according to these kinds of dogma and dctrines and they end up indoctrinating so many people who are too lazy or too “holy” or just plain ignorant, to ever open their Bibles themselves and see the true meaning of boundless love.
    But alas, I reckon we can still do this, maybe if we can put a big enough posse together we might just get arrested and get to spend 3 years in the Criminal Justice System, then you can stay longer- by reason of default. What you say, I’ll fly down specially for the occasion…..

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