Alien Friends…

You know what I like about this stage in my life? A friend can tell me she is an alien from another planet or star, that she regularly visits other dimensions in her dreams, and all sorts of other fantastically sci-fi stuff, and I don’t even flinch. She can even tell me I am an alien for that matter! The five-years-back-version-of-myself would not have even entertained these kinds of conversations, at least not without a great deal of laughter, making fun, and judgments to follow. But now I can honestly say I can hear my alien friend’s opinion and life experience, and can just accept her for her alien self, without projecting my unnecessary judgments and beliefs on her.

Now that does not mean I have to subscribe to her beliefs myself. It just means, I am comfortable enough in my own beliefs, that her beliefs do not shake mine to the point of making me have to throw hers out in absolute fear that her outlook might have some sort of negative impact on mine. I think the most closed-minded, conservative people, often people who come across as religious fanatics, can be the most shallow spiritually, merely because their faith in what they believe in is not strong enough to hold up against that of what others believe, and they are therefore always fighting, pushing and pulling to prove that they are “right” and others are “wrong”, possibly trying to convince themselves more than anyone else…at least on a subconscious level.

The older I get the more I see that none of us are fully right and we are all wrong. There is a little bit of right and wrong in all of us, and the beliefs we choose to subscribe to. Yes, I said it, in ALL beliefs there is a little bit (if not a lot) of both right and wrong. At this point in my life, I am choosing to see both the right and wrong, in both my own beliefs and the beliefs of others.


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