An “I Like You” from a kid is priceless.

Today at school, right before I had to teach, I was out on the playground talking to the preprimary teacher. She always has her kids out there in the period before my first class. We were chatting, and totally out of the blue, this adorable little preprimary kid (probably between four and five, which I guess would make him “four and a half” in their language”) ran up to me and gave me the biggest hug around the waist. He after quite a long squeeze he looked up with the biggest smile you could imagine and said, “I like you!”

I couldn’t help but chuckle at the warm gesture and cuteness, “Thanks! I like you too.”

“Your tattoos are beautiful!” he said with all the sincerity in the world.

“Well, thank you again.”

He then went in for another squeeze, looked back up and smiled, and then ran off to the slide. Little kids are great. They haven’t built up all those walls we put up, and they speak honestly and genuinely in most every situation; sometimes things we don’t want to hear, sometimes things that make our day. They are great. If you get a chance, hug a kid today. And tell him you think he’s cool.


One Response to An “I Like You” from a kid is priceless.

  1. Ashy Ntlatseng says:

    This is overwhelming. Brought tears to my eyes. I have a soft spots for kids, maybe mainly because I have raised many at a young age which are not mine. There is nothing as wonderful as a kid that loves you and takes interest in you because when they do, they cannot pretend.
    There is a kid I was recently fully involved in his life. He had to go away and the vision of his smile brings me to tears because I have never experienced any more love, responsibility, confidence, wholeness,than when I was taking care of him. Yep, he was 3.
    I hope u will never forget that hug!

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