South Africa’s Big Brother…

When I was young I picked on my little brother quite a bit. Sometimes it was warranted, often it wasn’t. But, and he can vouch for this, if someone else picked on him I would be the first person to make sure that person paid with a bit of blood and pain. I remember one incident quite vividly that ended with me kicking a neighborhood kid until I felt his ribs had been taught a lesson. But I think that’s how it is in general, and I do believe it is a global thing: I can make fun of my little brother all I want but you better not even think about it.

Well, lately I have been getting similar feelings about this World Cup. I admit, I was one of the first to express my concerns; will the construction be done on time, why are we building these expensive stadiums when millions of people still live in absolute poverty, will the infrastructure be able to handle an event of this scale, and so on and so forth. But I wasn’t picking on South Africa, it was just genuine concern.

Now I see all these articles, mostly by the foreign press, talking down on South Africa. They over exaggerate the crime, they say uninformed statements about “white people being in danger”, and they general just display their ignorance, much like the big, dumb school bully on the playground. But what I know, this event is happening. People are pumped. South Africans have come out to show their love, patriotism and support for this event. It has been quite moving to see!

So, to all you negative people out there, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!! You bring on your reality with your words. If you continue to speak death and destruction, because you are looking for it, you can be sure it will pay you a visit. So please, let’s all celebrate the good things and focus on the positive. I don’t want to have to figure out how to metaphorically kick the ribs of the foreign media! That just seems really difficult.


One Response to South Africa’s Big Brother…

  1. Our thoughts have more force than many are aware of until now . We can utilize them 2 change old patterns of thought of alleged “rich&poor”, “black&white”, “good&bad” and so on. In my oppinion those are mere constructs faishioned by humans in times past… believing the duality. Ultimately we communicate with others and with the universe by means of consciousness ( our frequencie/music/vibrations) thus contributing 2 communication and change. Let`s believe that people are really good at heart and that the South Africans and Africans with their love …..inspire them . Last but not least there is ONE THOUGHT …. from GOD… all over the universe. Ja, let`s celebrate the good things and focus on the “positive ” .

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