Help Me Name My Car…

My friend Lindsay has a car named Nessie. That name suits the car perfectly because, well, Nessie looks like a bit of a sea monster. Lindsay was trying to convince me that my new car needs a name. Hmmmm?

I don’t know if I am really into naming inanimate objects. It’s not that I’m not into it! I’m just not into it. Anyways, I did have a car at one point named Talula. People of my generation might immediately hear a Jamaican accent say, “Dat’s my mudda’s nayum!” when they hear that name. Or maybe not. And now that I have a new car, after not having one for so long, I kind of feel like I should give it a name. I say “it” because I have not decided on its gender. It is probably female, but maybe even a mixture; a motor Hermaphrodite if you will. I just don’t know how comfortable I feel about driving a 100% male car around.

So, I am still pondering a name, and a gender for that matter, and I am open to suggestions. It’s a light gold (others might call that champagne) 2006 Toyota Tazz, with quite a sporty edge to it. I hope we are together for a long, long time. It’s only fair I give it a name! And a good one at that! So far people have suggested: Timmy (if cross), Suzie (if female), Pat (after the popular SNL character, suggested by two people), Ralton, Karl Heinz, Toad, Mimi, Sipho, Sally, and Castor Semenya. Any other name suggestions? You can post them here or on my Facebook status.

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One Response to Help Me Name My Car…

  1. Dad says:

    please not Suzie!! I think I would be safe and saying that is not an option!!

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