A Car at Last!

So today is the day!! The day I get a car, after a year and a half of public transport, feet and friends’ transport! I’m pretty pumped, but also realizing that I will oh too soon fall into that trap of ungratefulness.

That’s one thing that has been great about this no-car-journey I have been on. It has made me more grateful for a five-minute lift that would have been a thirty minute walk. Having no car also allows a person to literally stop and smell the roses, instead of just whizzing past them.

I hope I still take the time to really look at things and not just let them blur past me. I hope I can remember all my long, tiring and sometimes wet walks, and not take the car for granted too soon, or ever for that matter.

I am still not sure if it is in our nature to be grateful and I believe it takes a continuous awareness and reminder to do so. I’m going to try. Because the feeling I have today, this feeling of finally having a car of my own again, is magic, and I hope I allow it to stay, and don’t let the magic fade with ungratefulness.


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