Thoughts From a Rainy Day…

Imagine what would happen if we stopped blaming God for our circumstances and took personal responsibility!

Think about the power we would live in if we realised this thing called Free Will, the thing we so often see as a curse, was actually a gift, and a powerful one at that.

No one wants to be a puppet but few want to live in the consequences of being able to choose for self.

What if we truly grasped the potential that lies within each of us; the power to literally speak life or death into any situation.

Surely we would not be so lost.

Surely we would not blame God for everything that goes wrong.

Surely we would stop looking up, shouting, “Why did you allow this?!” and rather turn inward and ask the same question.

But alas, it is easier to give a Higher Power all the blame because we are scared of the very same power that lives in us through Him.

We are scared of our potential; our potential to bring life and death to any situation.

We are indeed scared of our failures, but some of us are far more terrified of success.

I choose to acknowledge the power of choice that lies within me, and those around me, being thankful for it, embracing it, and pointing out the glorious task of choosing to do good, one simple, selfless act of kindness, in a world where it is easier to make selfish decisions and blame God and others for our mistakes.

Oh how different our reality would be if we truly understood the reality in which we live!


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