Unattended Baggage…

April 28, 2010

I’m just sitting here at the airport. I got here WAY early for my 11:20 AM flight, because the only friend I could find who was able to give me a lift had to take me at 8:00 AM. To be honest, I was looking forward to the chilling time alone at the airport. I actually kind of like it. Now my flight is delayed until 2:30 PM. I have heard the generic airport announcements, spoken by the beautiful robot-like, sensual female voice, about 1,927 times!

“Please do not leave your baggage unattended,” hit me real hard that last time; on a deep philosophical level. Don’t leave your baggage unattended! Wow, that is a pretty good lesson to apply straight to life in general, above and beyond the airport. I mean, we’ve all got baggage! And so many of us, especially males, leave our baggage unattended. And well, from my experience, baggage usually needs proper attention or it just causes bigger problems or heavier baggage. And I don’t think I need to explain the threat of unattended baggage in the airport…BLAM! But yeah, the baggage we gain throughout life, that we carry around, if left unattended, can be just as destructive.

This thought is either really deep, or really, really ridiculous! I have been in the airport by myself for way too long to tell at present!


Random Thought #46

April 21, 2010

Some people have the disposition and facial expression that looks as though they continuously have a terrible taste in their mouth.

Thoughts From a Rainy Day…

April 19, 2010

Imagine what would happen if we stopped blaming God for our circumstances and took personal responsibility!

Think about the power we would live in if we realised this thing called Free Will, the thing we so often see as a curse, was actually a gift, and a powerful one at that.

No one wants to be a puppet but few want to live in the consequences of being able to choose for self.

What if we truly grasped the potential that lies within each of us; the power to literally speak life or death into any situation.

Surely we would not be so lost.

Surely we would not blame God for everything that goes wrong.

Surely we would stop looking up, shouting, “Why did you allow this?!” and rather turn inward and ask the same question.

But alas, it is easier to give a Higher Power all the blame because we are scared of the very same power that lives in us through Him.

We are scared of our potential; our potential to bring life and death to any situation.

We are indeed scared of our failures, but some of us are far more terrified of success.

I choose to acknowledge the power of choice that lies within me, and those around me, being thankful for it, embracing it, and pointing out the glorious task of choosing to do good, one simple, selfless act of kindness, in a world where it is easier to make selfish decisions and blame God and others for our mistakes.

Oh how different our reality would be if we truly understood the reality in which we live!

Christianity: Boring, Untrue and Irrelevant?

April 18, 2010

The title of this blog is the topic I have been asked to speak on at an Alpha Course at a church tonight. The guy who invited me to speak sent me some material about the topic. I read through it and, well, let me just say I was less convinced that Christianity is not boring, untrue and irrelevant after I read it than I was before. Apparently the person teaching this lesson should use clips from famous movies, that have nothing to do with Christianity, and then one Bible verse about Jesus being “the way, the truth, and the life”, and that will automatically prove the point. The material is one page long. The final conclusions in bullet point form are:

• Christianity is not boring – it is about living life to the full.

• Christianity is not untrue – it is the truth.

• Christianity is not irrelevant – it transforms the whole of our lives.

• Jesus can give you life

• Don’t listen to the lies

• Check it out for yourself

I am not trying to be cynical but I do not feel like the point was proven, and I know my agnostic, lawyer brother would tear this argument’s premise apart. The sad thing to me is I have never experienced God to be boring, untrue, or irrelevant, though the way He is portrayed by His followers often casts this kind of light on Him. But that’s not Him. That’s us. And yes, I do feel that many times, in trying to “reach the world” Christians come across as boring and irrelevant. I don’t think it has to be that way though.

It was funny because as I was waiting for this internet cafe to open I was hanging out with a kid who begs for money outside the shops in the area. He was telling me about this lady who takes him and other kids surfing some times. Apparently she also invited him and a group of his friends with her to church. The kid told her he was not interested. On that note she offered to pay him to go with her to church! He spoke on behalf of his brothers, and she agreed to pay the entire group of kids to come with her to church. They went, and got paid.

Though this is one of the funniest things I have heard in a long, long time it also disturbs me. If the kid saw what the Christian was offering as an non-boring truth which is relevant to his life, the Christian would not have had to PAY him to go to church with her. But I guess all I can do is laugh, and try be that change I would like to see. And it would also help for me to stop procrastinating and figure out how I am going to convince these people that Christianity is not Boring, untrue and irrelevant! Wait!!! Maybe I should just pay them!

Random Thought #45

April 18, 2010

I always felt that the lemon was the strongest smelling fruit, but this morning when the smell of guava invaded my nostrils and refused to leave, I gave the title of the strongest smelling fruit to guava.

Random Thought #44

April 14, 2010

Locking the door behind you in a public toilet is for others’ benefit, not your own! Please do it!! No one wants to walk in on you while you Free Willy.

The Skin We’re In

April 12, 2010

We have had several incidents in the past few weeks which has stirred up much debate and discussion about racism. From Julius Malema singing “shoot the boer” to the death of Eugene Terre’Blanche, along with the recent information that this racist right wing extremist was allegedly involved in homosexual cross-racial pedophilia. It is interesting to hear different people speak about situations like these. It is often shocking to me how people who I see as “not so racist”, moving towards liberal, can make some of the most racist comments when news headlines such as these stir up the muck that still lies on the bottom of this lake. Times like these show that, as far as South Africa has come, we still have miles to go. But I am also reminded that Apartheid was a brilliant set-up in the sense that it affectively kept people separate, hating each other, fearing each other, and ignorant to “the other”; it took years to create and will take years to break down.

Seeming somewhat appropriate, I watched the movie Skin last night. For those of you who don’t know, Skin is a true story about a white Afrikaner couple who gave birth to a daughter (Sandra) of a darker skin pigment, right smack dab in the middle of Apartheid. Sandra was discriminated against and classified by the government as “coloured” even though her biological parents were white. Her father fought for her reclassification as “white” and succeeded” only to later cause greater trouble and ostracization when she falls in love with a black man.

Movie-wise it was not the best film I have ever seen. I found the dialogue on the nose at times and some of the scenes just seemed awkwardly forced in to prove a point (e.g. a ten second sex scene randomly taking place between two totally unrelated scenes, just to prove that the white couple indeed have sexual intercourse). It, however, is a powerful story and an emotionally moving film. I believe the film’s biggest success is showing the stupidity, ignorance and simple-mindedness of the Apartheid government, and the brainwashing which came along with it. And we know that much of the emotion, discussion, and defensiveness stirred up by recent headlines, not to mention the events themselves, branch out of this very system, as the residue of Apartheid still drips in most sectors of society. I recommend looking for it in your local video shop and checking it out!