Judy or Andrew Jackson?

This afternoon at Beth Uriel some of the guys and I were sitting on the couch watching television. Some American gangster rap videos were on. You know Lil Wayne, Fifty Cent and the likes. At one point dollar bills were falling from the sky like fluttering paper rain and asked me if that is really how American money looks.

I just happened to have a twenty dollar bill (sent by my grandmother for some “ice cream” for Valentines Day) in my wallet so I took it out to show him. He inspected the picture of the building on the back of the note and then flipped it over. He looked at me, and then back at the large portrait of Andrew Jackson on the front and said, “Who is this?! Judge Judy?” Pretty awesome!


One Response to Judy or Andrew Jackson?

  1. rbecca says:

    That is awesome. The Judge Judy program is one of my guilty pleasures.

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