Something for the Elbows

Today on the train a lady passed by selling eye-liner pencils and lipstick. I thought I was exempt from her target market but she stopped in front of me none the less.

“Sir, do you want anything for your elbows?”

“For my elbows?!”, I had never been asked such a question in my entire life! What on earth would be wrong with my elbows and what on earth could a lady on the train offer me for them?!

“Yeah. Something for your elbows!” the lady said as though I am an infidel.

“Um…no thanks.”

She shrugged and walked on. But after she was out of sight I started to wonder…maybe I do need something for my elbows! But what? I don’t know. I will look out for that lady and ask her what my elbows might need.


One Response to Something for the Elbows

  1. Mom says:

    Maybe she could see the scar from your motorbike wreck and had some scar removal cream!!! 😉

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