Good Times…

This was a perfect first day of a new year. I don’t really have words to describe it, but it started with an impromptu trip to the shop with Phax. That quick “trip” turned into an hour-long motorbike ride through the Southern India country side. We would drive through a little village, stop and talk to kids who waved us down, and then continue on. At one point we drove past beautiful rice fields, if that’s what you call them. And then we decided to take an undiscovered road back.

We turned down a random dirt road, that seemed to be headed in the direction we needed to go. Phax confidently led the way as the dirt road became more and more thin, looking less and less formal. We took this road-turned-path into a dens wooded area that was something like Deliverance meets a Bollywood movie. But sure enough the road turned out to be the right direction and we found our way back. As I said before, I can’t really put this experience into words, but it somehow linked to a bigger picture of how this year will be for me. But yeah, a little too hard to explain right now.

One of the funny moments of our trip was when one little boy (around 13 years old) in one of the villages pointed at the image of the man on my shirt and then pointed at me. He did it again. I was not sure what he meant by all that because my face and the face on my shirt seemed totally unrelated. He saw I was confused and with broken English he basically told me that I looked just like the picture of the man on my shirt. Yep, that was the first time, and will probably be the last, that anyone told me I look like Jimi Hendrix. Good times!


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