Enough Evidence…

Ok, so I had heard some stuff about the “balloon boy” when it all was happening back in October, but I didn’t really pay enough attention to know what it was all about. My Mom mentioned something about it today, telling me the parents got charged for the hoax. I watched some Youtube videos about it. I watched the one where Falcon Heene (the “balloon boy”) sold his Dad out on the Larry King Live Show and then I watched the one where he was (seemingly) so nervous he puked on live television on the Today Show. Wow!

I even watched the wife swapping show that the “balloon boy” family had appeared on before the whole even happened. If there was any doubt in my mind that the father was guilty, I watched this rap video (produced, directed, filmed and probably written by him) of his three boys.

Yep, if you couldn’t understand the hook they are talking about “pussification” a word their dad probably made up, insinuating that certain things (like wearing pajamas for example) lead to boys becoming…well, you know “pussified”. And yes, this seems to be the clean version of the track because they blanked out S.O.B., the F-word, and “titties”, but they felt it was ok to leave in a line about a “fag peeing on their heads”. Um…yeah, enjoy your jail time Mr. and Mrs. Heene!


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