Let’s turn our “No They Can’t” into a “YES WE CAN!”

 I just wrote a speech for tomorrow night’s “YES WE CAN!” musical show, and it again validated something I have been feeling lately: That, when there is something we do not agree with, we dislike, or something we want to change, we (as people, Christians, or whatevers) would get much further with true positive attitudes, followed by real positive speech and genuine positive action! I mean, “YES WE CAN” could really mean a lot of things, but it is firstly, and most importantly, is a really important and positive statement.

YES, not no, WE, not me nor you nor them nor us but we, CAN, are able and willing!

I like that!

I feel like so many people get so caught up worrying about what they don’t want people to do, they don’t actually spend time just saying what they want people to do, or what they would like to see, or even better, just going out themselves and being the change they want to see, rather than complaining about what they do not like. Like, in a book I am reading right now (where an atheist visits many Christian churches and rates them), the atheist says he respects the churches that have a “call to action”, churches who actually making a physical difference in the lives of people (beyond preaching or evangelism) or in their community, and he is not so fond of the churches who just tell people they are “bad” or “sinners” and are “going to hell” and that they “should not partake in certain sins”.

He said that he does not feel that the congregation of a very active church is out “eating a second slice of chocolate cake or having sex with their secretaries” (examples of “sins” another pastor preached against) because they are encouraged to do good, and they are too caught up with that to get up to a bunch of nonsense. This makes so much sense to me! I do not think that just because people are doing perceived good, they are automatically free from perceived bad deeds, but I think the atheist’s view is a more refreshing take on it all, much more refreshing than people that condemn others with the threat of hell, rather than just speaking positively and bringing out the good in people.

Honestly, as a Christian, the picture of the way Jesus lived when He was on earth is much more moving to me than, the threat of eternal damnation is scary. I would rather follow and trust and love someone than feel forced to join in on something because of the threat of violence or punishment! Some of my teachers who had the biggest impact on my life were the ones who were loving, and cool, and nice and brought out the best in me; very contrary to the way I feel about the ones who constantly used threats and punishment to get what they wanted out of us students. It seems pretty obvious.

I don’t really have the time or energy to form all of these thoughts into a great blog. Sorry for that! But let me just end it by saying a little positivity goes a long way, and sometimes, if we don’t want someone to behave in a certain way, then maybe we should act in the way we want them to, and if there is something about society we do not like, then we have to be willing to fill that gap with the positive change we want to see, rather than just filling the air with complaints. Do good rather than preaching against bad. Speak life not scare people with death. Speak, act and BE positive! Yes we can.


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