People Google Horses: Who Knew?

WordPress is cool. I like it a lot! One of the things I like the most about it is the stats feature. For those of you who don’t know, the stats feature allows you to go “behind the scenes” like a fanatical,  psycho stalker and see: how many people have clicked on your blog, how many times specific posts have been clicked on, other links they clicked on from your site, webpages that led them to your blog, and phrases that were searched that led them to your blog.

I am not totally obsessed! Just a little bit. Ok, ok, just a little bit more than a little bit. But I find that kind of stuff really interesting!

It’s very interesting to see certain phrases and words that led people to my blog because they typed into a search engine. Like, “alcohol is my love” for instance. That was a phrase that someone (don’t worry it doesn’t tell me who) typed into Google, or Yahoo or some search engine, and one of the webpage options that was given to them was my blog. That’s so weird. Especially because alcohol is not my love.

I have written quite a bit about horses; a few posts on the Equine Therapy. I have been shocked, pretty much on a daily basis, to see how many people search stuff about horses. What is it with horses? Is there a secret global obsession that I did not know about? Here are some of the things (regarding horses) people have searched to get to my site:

horse rearing up
running horses
free stallion 
wild horses rearing
rabid horse 
running horse 
horse rearing up
rearing horses
rearing horses in a field
black horse
alcohol is my love
running horses palomino
black horses running free
black horse running
black horse

And on my blog I am pretty, pretty, pretty sure they did not find what they were looking for! So, if you are actually one of those people who got to this post through searching something about a horse… I am so sorry if you were misled, but you are most welcome to stay, and come back again real soon!


3 Responses to People Google Horses: Who Knew?

  1. ashley says:

    melissa and odoi are getting married at a place where men on horses direct you where to park. horses… what a weird word to stare at for a few minutes.

  2. horse mat says:

    Horses have a strong band of muscles around their esophagus. This band is so strong that a horse’s stomach would typically burst before it would vomit.

  3. stable mat says:

    There is an extensive, specialized vocabulary used to describe equine-related concepts, covering everything from anatomy to life stages, size, colors, markings, breeds, locomotion, and behavior. Their anatomy enables them to make use of speed to escape predators and they have a well-developed sense of balance and a strong fight-or-flight instinct.

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