Heritage Day: National Cook Meat Over a Fire and Get Alcohol Poisoning Day

South African public holidays that happen in the middle of the week are annoying when you want to get stuff done. Not only is everything closed on the actual day, but nobody does any work for the rest of the week. If it’s on a Wednesday or Thursday, people here just take the rest of the week off!

“Oh! Wednesday is a public holiday? I love five day weekends!”

Yesterday was Heritage Day. I am a firm believer in knowing where we come from so we can know where we’re going! But it seems the focus of Heritage Day has shifted a bit, seeing that most advertisers are now calling it National Braai Day.

I went in Pick and Pay around 6:39 PM last night to grab some groceries. It was packed. And 86.2% of the people in the store were drunk! (Approximately 23.6% of the store goers were children min you! You do the math.) The place smelled like a rotten wine factory!

It made me not like Heritage Day even more than before.

I should probably be happy about public holidays. But then again I am not a school child anymore, and I do not hate my job. So most of the time public holidays are just an inconvenience for me. Especially when the post office and banks are closed for a National Cook Meat Over a Fire and Get Alcohol Poisoning Day.

Yeah, this rant was brought to you by me needing to mail stuff yesterday, but I am sure the roots are much deeper. Sorry.


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