Practice what you preach…

This morning I got invited to an event on Facebook to “walk out and pray” during President Obama’s address to American youth. My mom, a teacher, told me that people have made such a fuss about Obama’s address to American children, shown during school hours, that they actually have to send permission slips home to allow the children to watch it; a presidential address. I have also seen many people complaining about Obama’s policies, bad  mouthing him, and generally just not being very supportive through Facebook statuses, videos, notes, groups and so on.

I want to respond to that by saying I feel that is why America is such a good country. People are truly allowed to live out freedom of speech and freedom of belief! And now, these people are obviously exercising those freedoms.

I am troubled by a specific aspect of this however. I was not a Bush supporter, from the beginning. I had many conservative Christians try and coax me over to “their side”, convince me that “any good Christian” would vote for Bush and support him, and even try and say that I was not a Christian if I did not support him. Then, most of them, would use a line from the Bible saying that “God puts leaders in place” and that I must support that leader no matter what.

I did not agree with that at the time because I cannot rationalize leaders like Hitler and Mugabe in the light of that belief. I was happy to agree to disagree. But people were very insistent that I must follow that belief of theirs. Now I am confused. Because that same group of people, speaking generally now which I know is dangerous, is the same group of people who I see showing everything but support for Obama.

It would seem, if those people truly believed and lived out what they spoke to me about, regarding my feelings of Bush, they would be the leaders of encouraging people to show support for Obama. But it is not so. And I find it irritating to say the least. I am not saying you have to like Obama or dislike Bush. I am just saying I believe we should practice what we preach, all the time. Or simply don’t preach.


One Response to Practice what you preach…

  1. Daniel Korol says:

    I agree Ryan with it all. And just to be clear. I disliked (to use a kind and nice word) Bush very much, and found most of his policies to be very far from the way of Jesus. So how a Christian could support(and still can) him is to me a mystery. Obama however is so much more full of grace, so much more into tearing down dividing walls and giving enemies a chance to take part of grace and reconciliation. To me that is much closer to living the way of Jesus.

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