A cure for that terrible “too much coffee” feeling…

It is not even 9:00am and, after two cups of coffee, I already have that gross “too much coffee” sensation, starting in my stomach pushing its way up to my chest and bubbling in my throat. I hate that feeling! It is disgustingly uncomfortable!

Which reminds me of a conversation I had with my buddy Padraic just yesterday.

We were at a coffee shop. I had already finished two cappuccinos, and I had had two cups of filter coffee before I left the house that morning. We were sitting outside and had sat for a while. It was cold out, I was shivering a bit and I wanted to order something warm, but I had that terrible “too much coffee” feeling.

I ordered a hot chocolate; very much out of character for me.

Padraic and I then began to discuss the “too much coffee” feeling and he said he used to get it all the time but never experiences it anymore.

Wow, I thought! He has figured out a cure for this problem that has plagued me all these years! He will share it with me and I will be able to drink hundreds of cups of coffee in one day and I will be unaffected by the sting of coffee. But what was Padraic’s magic trick? Pills, mind power, garlic, herbal remedies, a ten step program, had his body just become immune to the “too much coffee” feeling from a coffee overdose, had he gone to a hypnotist? I was curious to hear his answer.

“HOW?” I asked, as if he was about to reveal to me the meaning of life itself.

“I only drink one cup a day…and never more than that.”

Waah waaah waaaaaaaaaaaaaah. So it wasn’t a magical answer after all; a very simple one at that: self control. Yeah, it may be simple but it is not easy! It just reminded me again how us humans like to complicate things, make situations more difficult than we have to, and cause damage to ourselves, and the earth for that matter, but instead changing the negative behavior causing the damage we try and look for a more easy way around it, so we can continue with our destructive behavior but not have to experience the negative ramifications.

We may never learn. But guys like Padraic have, and give hope for the rest of us. But he is not enough. We will continue on, not listening, and if the world is not burned up by global warming, all the individual coffee drinkers will burn themselves up from the inside out, from drinking unhealthy amounts of coffee on a daily basis and habitually getting the “too much coffee” feeling.

I raise my third cup in the air and toast to us all!


One Response to A cure for that terrible “too much coffee” feeling…

  1. michelle says:

    food also helps…

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