I know who I am, thanks to Facebook!

I stayed home sick today. I wrote a blog, watched disk two of the second season of Dexter, and stared at my computer screen for waaaaaaaay too long! I also took a bunch of quizzes on Facebook. Man, now I don’t have to struggle with this identity crisis anymore! I know exactly who I am!

Here are the quizzes I took, and results:

Which famous or imfamous woman in history are you? Joan of Arc

Which Gilligan’s Island character are you? Professor

What Muppet are you? Fozzie Bear

What dead rock star are you? John Lennon

How long would you survive in a horror film? You survive!

What body part are you? Helping hand

Which Disney Princess are you? You are Mulan from “Mulan” (1998)

What Office character are you? Jim Halpert

What’s your ghetto nickname? June Bug

True age Test: 38 years old


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