It’s Unavoidable Sometimes

I usually get swarmed by the little pre-primary learners at St. Agnes. Like most five year olds, they often have all sorts of weird substances on their hands, which I usually do not notice until after they have shaken mine.

Today I was a step ahead.

I saw the herd coming, fresh out of the toilet, with little wet hands aimed towards me. The one kids hand was soaked, along with his shirt sleeve, and also splattered chest. He stuck out his hand for a shake. I stuck out my fist for a “fist bump”, a much safer and more sanitary exchange with a five year old.

He pounded it. I was saved! He asked me to tie his shoes. He stuck out his foot. I gladly bent down to work my magic shoe tying powers. I grabbed the shoe laces of the first shoe…

They were SOAKING wet. Oh well. Maybe next time.


One Response to It’s Unavoidable Sometimes

  1. Ewwwwwwwwwwww! Hahaha – funny though. I’m glad there are un-squeamish people like you out there. I’m useless in those situations – usually resort to wiping the kid down first before proceeding further.

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