Day 22: 16 December – Happy Birthday Bones

Bones turned 28 yesterday. He has been on the streets, and in and out of jail, for as long as he can remember. During me 16 days we spoke and he said this would be the first birthday he would spend “outside”, that he could remember. He had his fingers crossed. I took him a cake to mark this momentous occasion. I walked up to the Parade actually expecting to hear that he had just been arrested the night before…or something like that. But that wasn’t the case. He was there. I gave him the cake and he seemed to be having a good birthday. It just really made me think…

Imagine turning 28 and not being able to remember spending a birthday outside of jail. He ran to the streets and began his “life of crime” at a very young age. At an age when he should have been protected from those things. At an age when he should have been guided and lead into good decisions. Instead, he partook in criminal activities that many grown adults shy away from; and that was before the age of 12! Now he is left with thousands of unwanted memories he cannot block out, gang tattoos that won’t come off, blood on his hands that he can’t wash off, and one birthday that he can proudly say he did not spend in jail. Let’s hope it gets better from here. Let’s hope we are able to make a greater impact on the “Bones” of the future…BEFORE their 28th birthday! Happy Birthday Bones!


One Response to Day 22: 16 December – Happy Birthday Bones

  1. faizel petersen says:

    hey Ryan, its hard for many to begin to understand what an achievement it must be for Bones to be able to be “outside” for his birthday. Its really sad that he’s not able to have a big do for his birthday as many of us enjoys, and it can only make us more appreciative. I thank you for who you are Ryan, because you always make it possible for people to smile in whatever state they may be. You’ve been a friend, a brother, a father to so many, and you’ll always be my pillar of strength, my friend. God bless!

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