Day 16: 10 December – Not Yet

I want to start off by thanking everybody who came out last night! I was very impressed with the turnout, and the quality of people! Average members of the public, people from various NGO’s, a member of Parliament, a child’s rights lawyer, journalists, and even a few people representing the streets. It was amazing to see how this diverse group came together and united for this cause! We hung out and got to know each other a bit and then we went out to the traffic lights. The groups held signs, handed out fliers, spoke to people in the cars, chanted all sorts of things, and really stood up for the rights of children living on the streets to be protected. About half of the group went home after that, because of various commitments, but the rest of the group slept right there in the grass in the middle of Buitengracht Street. It was a great evening! Thanks to everyone who came out and showed support, helped spread the word before hand, and all of those who were not there but were with us in spirit!

Yeah…so here i sit. Day 16! I made it. Someone last night told me that they did not think i would make it the entire 16 days. I knew i would. I feel a strange mixture of emotions. A sense of accomplishment but also a deep sadness that it is now coming to an end. Wise Guy slept out by the traffic lights with us last night and so Clare gave us a lift back to the Flower Stand this morning to take his bedding back. It was so strange walking into the flower stand, seeing that some of the “early birds” were already up and out (Wise and i would have been by that point) but the last sleepers were still fast asleep. I cannot even really begin to explain the emotion i felt, but it was strange. I have had amazing experiences over the past 16 days and i cherish every second!

In the 16 days i have seen and learned allot! Over the past 8 years i have seen this stuff time and time again, walked with the kids through it and experienced it with them. But for these 16 days i was able experience it for myself. Feel it myself. This helped me to be a more accurate voice as to what is going on on the streets. 16 days is absolutely nothing in comparison to the years that many of the guys have lived on the streets, but it was definitely a taste. I will continue to do daily updates for the next little bit; informing you as to how i am “fitting back in” to society, how i am coping, what i am experiencing and any other drama i might run into along the way! Thank you for your support and keep checking in on me!


2 Responses to Day 16: 10 December – Not Yet

  1. Kim Hill says:

    Congrats for enduring on the streets! Get some well-deserved rest at home

  2. Daniel says:

    Its been fantastic following you Ryan! I was there with you in dreams and thoughts. Glad the last night turned out to be powerful, and with such a great crowd showing up.
    Talk to you soon..

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